Bailey Drain Testing Eqpts.


“Bailey offers a comprehensive range of drain cleaning rods, duct rods and drain testing equipment. The drain and chimney cleaning rods are supplied in four diameters, various lengths and colours, with either universal or lockfast joints. The Bailey Blue rods are covered by international trademarks and are renowned world-wide for their quality, durability and strength. To complement the rods there is a wide range of tools and brushes available to cover virtually any application.

A range of drain test plugs are supplied in sizes from 15mm to 2000mm in steel, aluminium or nylon. Canvas air bags and other testing products are also available. A range of duct rods for cable laying, produced to BT specifications, together with coupling up pieces, leaders and followers and adaptors are also manufactured.

The products enjoy an international reputation for quality and are endorsed by a long list of both national and international companies who specify these products as their preferred choice. These include public utilities, water authorities, national and local government, multi-national civil engineering companies, international construction companies and professional tradesmen. ”