Funke VPC - Pipe Coupler


The Funke VPC®-Pipe Coupler connects pipes with equal diameters from equal or different outer surfaces long lasting leak proof! The sealing collar and fixing basket in combination with the two steal-straps build a compact, dimensionally stable but nevertheless a flexible unit.

It is available in the nominal diameters of VPC 100 up to VPC 1070.

The Funke VPC®-Pipe Coupler serves to bridge wide diameter differences at equal ominal diameters, no additoinal bushes required. It allows a simple, safety and timesaving assembling. A pipe coupler for all cases of operations affords lower storage costs.

Securing of sheer load according to DIN 4060. The Funke VPC®-Pipe Coupler is applicable until a leak tightness of 2,5 bar. A bending up to min. 3° is possible. The sealing collar possesses an internal center stop for accurately fitting construction.