Terrain Hydromax Siphonic Rainwater


The Terrain HydroMax siphonic rainwater system rapidly removes the large volumes of water deposited during extreme rainfall events at ypically 10-15 times the rate of a traditional gravity system. Ideal for large flat roofs or buildings where space is a premium, it is an innovative way of dealing with the complex drainage issues affecting the Middle East.

HydroMax is a trusted solution, proven in projects like Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and King Abdullah International Airport Railway Terminal in KSA. The system provides much needed flexibility in the design of complex buildings where traditional gravity rainwater systems would have proven virtually impossible to implement.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to traditional drainage
  • Reduced number of roof outlets
  • More flexible positioning of roof outlets
  • Roof drains are extremely compact
  • Significantly reduced pipework requirement, reducing diam, cost and space pipes
  • Horizontal pipework does not require a fall, saving valuable space in finished installation
  • Exacting design calculations and hydraulic performance make this system a product of choice for demanding clients