Conex Compression


Conex Compression fittings are compatible with EN1057 equivalent copper tube to EN1057. Conex Compression fittings are suitable for connecting polybutylene pipes (PB)and PEX to EN15876-2, EN15875-2 and BS57291:2 and 3. Fittings compatible with PB and PEX pipes are available in dimensions 10,15,18,22 and 28mm.

Used in plumbing, heating, cooling, compressed air and gas applications.They are manufactured in duplex brass.Many items are also available in dezincification resistance (DZR) brass.

Manufactures in accordance with EN1252-2 and threaded connection to EN1254-4. Suitable for Flame Free installations. PTFE tape is not required for installation.

Installation with PB and PEX pipe requires liners recommended by the tube manufacturer or supplied by Conex Banninger. Imperial tube sizes can be connected with special rings and adapters.

Industrial Valves


Our valves range is suitable for multiple applications and has been designed to offer highly effective and durable solutions in flow control, filter solutions and system isolation.

Conex Bänninger is a world leader in plumbing fittings and valves with a reputation for quality and innovation dating back over 100 years.