Haro Seat Cover


In its unique SoftClose® automatic closing system, Hamberger Sanitary has provided the solution for more convenience in the bathroom and toilet for already ten years. A slight touch is sufficient for SoftClose® toilet seat to gently and quietly close automatically. A convenient thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

The experience and expertise from this decade of permanent further development and perfection have now been incorporated into an entirely new SoftClose® system. In SoftClose® pure, the HARO brand now also offers a variant for price-conscious customers in addition to the classic SoftClose®. True to Adenauer (“one must see things so deeply that they become simple”), a SoftClose® system was developed here, which fulfils highest quality requirements in a cost-effective but not cheap way. In numerous thorough tests, SoftClose® pure is a reliable and durable system, which is also particularly easily mounted. The so-called Poka-Yoke principle makes it impossible to mix up the two cushioning units and thereby ensures a quick and easy installation. The SoftClose® pure system, which was created in cooperation with a partner from the automotive industry, thereby offers a high level of convenience at a low price, while also providing top quality and durability.