Crane Copper Tube


Quality Certified: Crane copper tube is Australian made, and is certified to comply with AS1432 – Copper tube for plumbing, gasfitting and drainage applications.

Internal Surface Quality: Crane Copper Tube uses special manufacturing processes to provide enhanced internal bore characteristics that offer improved corrosion resistance and levels of carbon residue well below the values set by the Standard.

Inherent Strength: Copper tube has inherent strength, providing good resistance to external damage, puncture, abrasion, vibration bumps, and has a wide operating range for pressure and vacuum.

Impervious: Copper tube is impervious to oxygen, insecticide, solvents and toxins.

Non-Flammable: Copper tube is non-flammable and does not emit toxic fumes during fire.

Full Flow Joints: Copper tube jointing does not reduce the bore of the tube.

Low Friction Loss:Copper tube provides high flow rates with minimal external dimensions.

U.V. Resistant: Copper tube does not degrade from direct sunlight or become brittle with age.

Resists Rodent Attack: Copper tube is not prone to damage due to rodent attack.

Multi Applications: Copper tube is made to universal size not a unique brand size.

Stability: Copper tube does not creep with age and has 7 to 15 times less lineal expansion than other materials with heat, and continues to perform at high temperatures.

Healthier & Non-tainting: Copper tube does not adversely affect the taste of water, and reduces the number of harmful microorganisms in water.


Study conducted by INCRA under project Nº348 – 1984 using wat1er contaminated with coliforms.

Proven Track Record: Crane copper tube is part of a superior system with a proven track record.

Add Value For Life: Copper tube adds to home’s resale value.

Recyclable: Copper tube is a valuable recyclable material.