RAKtherm PP-R Piping System


Potable installations inside houses, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and virtually all types of commercial and residential buildings

Made from polypropylene, RAKtherm pipes and fittings are extensively used in food and medical industries owing to their “harmless and safe” properties. A random copolymer grade of polypropylene called PP-R 80 was especially developed for engineering applications with certain stringent requirements. PP-R 80 is characterized by excellent physical and chemical properties even at elevated temperatures. Compression strength, elasticity, corrosion, chemical and heat resistance are just some of its properties. RAKtherm PP-R 80 system has proven its high resilience even at the most extreme conditions. These factors and more, make RAKtherm PP-R 80 the ideal material for the delivery of potable hot and cold water in your home, office or factory.